1. In Athens on 13 January is invited the mediator for the PGDM Mathew Nimits for resolving the conflict with former Yugoslavian Republic Macedonia which have stolen the name for their country from Greece. Greece has a conflict with Macedonia for 16 years and now Macedonia is going to rename Skopje airport to Alexander The Great Airport. And Alexander was Greek - Macedonian. Greek part consider that former Yugoslavian Republic have no right to name anything that is bounded up with Macedonian name.

2. In Greece have been increased the number of people using Internet.

3. Greek authorities are going to fight with tax-dodgers, in this fight will participate all the social partners and the productive institutions, from which the Ministry of Finance will listen their own proposals for solving this morbid phenomenon, which affects not only the total of Greek economy but also the society. If all individuals and organisations would pay taxes Greek government would cover the expenses for the realisation of important work of infrastructure, benefits and improvement of services. Greek government is going to apply strict measures (up to imprisonment) for those who do not pay their taxes.

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